What is Mercedes-Benz mbrace®?

Mercedes-Benz mbrace

What is Mercedes-Benz mbrace®?

Mercedes-Benz offers owners of its vehicles that are model year 2016 and newer four packages of services and features called Mercedes-Benz mbrace®.

First, there's mbrace Connect, a five-year basic package that comes standard with the purchase of new Mercedes-Benz. This package gives you remote access to your vehicle through the Mercedes me app on your smartphone or computer. Some of the things you can do remotely are start the vehicle, lock or unlock doors, sound the horn and flash the exterior lights. Additional features of this package are roadside assistance and ability to send diagnostic data to Husker Auto Group.

Mercedes-Benz mbrace Remote Start

The next package is mbrace® Secure, which has features to enhance your safety. In the event of a collision, a vehicle covered by mbrace® Secure will automatically call and report the vehicle's location to the mbrace Emergency Response Center. If your vehicle's alarm goes off while it's parked, you'll get an automatic notification via your preferred contact method. In addition, this package comes with Crisis Assist to help you in cases of a disaster. Another mbrace® Secure feature is Safe Ride, a program that assists you in finding a ride home if you are unable to drive. There's a six-month free trial available with this package.

Not surprisingly, the third package, mbrace® Concierge, provides you with the practically unlimited services of a Mercedes-Benz concierge. While the personal assistant can fulfill a wide variety of tasks, common requests are for dinner reservations, travel arrangements, and event tickets. Drivers can reach a concierge through the Mercedes me app or the onboard i-button. Another feature of this package is location-based traffic and weather. Finally, mbrace® Concierge provides operated-assisted turn-by-turn route assistance. A three-month trial for this package is available.

The last package is mbrace® Entertain, which provides entertainment through TuneIn Radio and iHeart Radio. This package also turns the vehicle into a WiFi hotspot. A three-month trial is also available with this package.

To learn more about Mercedes-Benz mbrace®, contact or visit Husker Auto Group.

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