Mercedes Benz and Snow

Before you go out and buy a Mercedes-Benz, you have to know if these cars handle well in snowy conditions. Do Mercedes-Benz vehicles drive well in the snow? These vehicles come with all the standard features that you can expect, and you even have a few that go above and beyond that level. The available list of safety features look attractive with this one. What does it have? Let's take a look.

Safety Features for the Winter

First, you can depend on the electronic stability program or ESP for short. This looks for and detects the signs of wheel slippage. When the wheels start slipping, the system will send the torque straight to the front wheel. This gives it a better grip while keeping everything straight on track to prevent further calamity.

Second, you have LED daytime running lights, taillamps and headlamps. In the winter, you deal with less visibility because of how the falling snow makes your car harder to see. Not to mention, the snow on the road makes your car prone to slipping. The automaker specially designed these headlamps so that you get the best from the car and lower your chances that you might have an accident. These headlamps add to your night vision as well.

Performance Features of the Mercedes-Benz

4MATICĀ® AWD becomes the standard with this vehicle. You don't have to worry that you will get stuck pushing through the snow. With all-wheel drive, you notice a huge difference in how the vehicle handles in the snow. You will still have to remain cautious, but it gives you a much better experience than before. This increases your level of traction on the icy roads. Next, you have 4-wheel Independent Suspension. Mercedes-Benz uses MacPherson struts and wishbones for the front to give you much better handling. Through this technology, you can traverse some of the dodgier roads with greater ease.

Overall, to answer the question, "Do Mercedes-Benz vehicles drive well in the snow?" The answer sounds with a thundering, "Yes!" These cars have the technology to keep you safe through some of the harshest winter storms. The safety features even go above and beyond some of its competitors. While you should stay home and not drive in winter storms when you can help it, you have some cases where you were out on the road, and you didn't have a choice. That's when you want to have good technology like this to guide you through the storm.