Mercedes-Benz Ready for Fall and Winter

Although Mercedes-Benz vehicles are built from the highest quality of materials, they still require some tender love and care if you want to keep them running like new. One of the most important transitions for maintenance is during the fall and winter months. It takes some extra work to get your Mercedes-Benz vehicle all set for the coming cold snaps. Let's consider what needs to be checked and addressed below.

#1: Coolant

As it gets colder, the coolant purity becomes more important. You don't want to run on straight antifreeze but, for other reasons, can't run your vehicle with too much water in the coolant mixture. Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles will run perfectly with a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. You can check the coolant mixture yourself to determine the temperature protection by using those hydrometer tools that are sold at most auto parts stores. These tools determine the specific gravity of the antifreeze by measuring its buoyancy with a small pellet and gauge.

#2: Tires

The inclement weather can bring some additional strains to tires. You need more stopping power to grip the road on ice, sleet, and rain. Having the right type of tire for the winter is important. Most people can get away with all-season tires unless they need to climb mountains or travel across unplowed roads every day. Nevertheless, it is important to have your tires inspected to ensure that they are fit for the cooler seasons.

#3: Battery

Although the heat is what boils off the electrolyte and prematurely kills batteries, the cold can make the weakness noticeable. This is because the electrochemical reactions slow down in the cold weather. You may notice greater difficulty in starting your vehicle. In cold climates, it is recommended that drivers upgrade to batteries that have higher cold-cranking amps. This means that they are able to deliver more power to the starter even when it is well below freezing.

#4: Rust-Protection

The late autumn is when many motorists are scheduling service to have an undercoating applied to their vehicles. Although there are many different types of undercoatings used, the rubber and asphalt types can trap moisture and oxidize the chassis. Many drivers prefer to have an annual petroleum-based undercoating applied. Nevertheless, some drivers may choose to have silicone-based sealants applied. Both are hydrophobic, meaning that they repel water.

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