Mercedes-Benz Reliability  

The latest Mercedes-Benz cars are loaded with innovative digital technologies that are designed for smartphone users. Whether you're sitting behind the steering wheel or relaxing at home, you could manage your Mercedes-Benz vehicle through a signature mobile application.

Highlights of the Latest Mercedes me connect Application

You can remotely access your Mercedes-Benz car, thanks to the Mercedes me connect application. Compatible with Android devices and iPhones, the exclusive app is fully synchronized with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment system. Having a highly intuitive interface, the MBUX system usually comes with a touch screen that measures more than 7.0 inches diagonally. Select trims boast a touch screen that measures more than 12 inches. The digital instrument panel is also available with a display of more than 12.0 inches. Therefore, you could look at directions and colored maps on the virtual instrument interface synced with the MBUX navigation system. When you're behind the steering wheel of a Mercedes Benz car, you could directly access live traffic information from the navigation platform.

Woman using the Mercedes me connect app  

Thanks to complimentary online updates to the maps, you will receive reliable guidance for any road trip or commute. The Car-to-X Communication is another innovative technology that's integrated into the MBUX system. This proprietary function receives signals from compatible vehicles in other neighboring lanes. Therefore, the Car-to-X will generate warnings when you're in danger of crashing into another automobile that abruptly slows down or swerves into a neighboring lane. Weather forecasts and fuel prices are some other data points that appear on the MBUX infotainment display.

When you're away from your Mercedes-Benz car, the Mercedes me connect app provides remote access to the MBUX system, powertrain, climate control, and other systems. From the comfort of a smartphone, you could quickly heat or cool the entire cabin. The signature mobile app also captures the real-time fuel level and tire pressure of your vehicle. When an authorized driver handles your Mercedes-Benz, you could remotely keep track of its location. Of course, the Mercedes me connect app comes with many other premium security features, such as the Accident Recovery and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics. Need to talk to a live agent by phone immediately? Push the SOS button inside the cabin. Additionally, the digital diagnostic system keeps you updated on essential auto services that should be scheduled soon.

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