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Down Syndrome Advocates in Action Nebraska is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit. It was formed by advocates who have been working to promote inclusion for over 20 years. The main goal is to help individuals of all ages with Down syndrome achieve their full potential. To do so, this organization promotes families being active participants in the lives of their loved ones.

One of the significant contributions that the Down Syndrome Advocates in Action makes is providing help to new parents, many of whom are overwhelmed with their child's diagnosis. On top of providing a welcome bag while in the hospital, this organization can connect parents with various resources and even match people with a new parent mentor.

Down Syndrome Advocates in Action

Parents are also able to take part in the Family Connection Webinar series. This is an excellent way for families to connect while other families without having to leave their homes. The series covers a variety of relevant topics and provides an opportunity for both education and connection.

On September 1st, 2020, the organization held a Buddy Walk rock hiding day. The purpose of the walk was to promote not only awareness but also joy and kindness. If you discover a rock with on it while out and about in Lincoln, it was from the Buddy Walk. The goal is to have people share pictures of these rocks on social media with #dsaarocks to share the awareness and joy with even more people.

To learn more about Down Syndrome Advocates in Action, visit our website.