Are routine brake inspections that important? What happens if you skip brake service in Lincoln? Find out the answers to these questions and others by watching our short video.

Caring for a luxury car entails more than getting oil changes on time. Other routine services, like brake pad replacement, may not be required as often, but they are just as important. In addition to periodic maintenance inspections, keep an eye and ear out for the following signs of brake wear and visit our Mercedes-Benz brake service shop in Lincoln, NE the next time you're in need of vehicle maintenance.

How Often to Replace Mercedes-Benz Brake Pads

This depends heavily in driving behavior. Brakes wear out faster under several conditions, including carrying larger loads or frequently driving in stop-and-go traffic, for example. Have your brakes inspected at least once a year to monitor how fast they are wearing.

If you hear a high-pitched squealing when you hit your brakes that means it's time to change them, and our Mercedes-Benz brake repair center in Lincoln can do it for an affordable price. However, even prior to triggering the brake wear indicator, which is what produces that well-known high-pitched squeal, we advise replacing front and rear brake pads when they're as low as 3mm.

OEM Mercedes-Benz Brake Pads Versus Aftermarket

For a perfect fit and the assurance of choosing parts that have been durability and safety tested, according to strict manufacturer standards, OEM Mercedes-Benz brake pads are your top choice. Cheap aftermarket parts don't promise the same long-term dependability, resistance to rust and factory warranty.

Pulling, Vibration, Sponginess & Grinding

Mercedes-Benz Brake ServiceIf your car pulls when you brake, there are several possible causes, including bad brake pads, uneven rotors or a stuck brake caliper. Tire and suspension problems could also be the case. Vibration when braking is typically due to warped rotors, while a spongy brake pedal feel could mean there's air in the brake lines that must be bled out.

Grinding is one of the most problematic issues that can occur with brakes. The sound indicates metal-on-metal contact between the brake caliper and rotor disc, which can result in fading or ultimately brake failure. If you're experiencing any of these issues, our Mercedes-Benz brake service shop can help.

When to Change Brake Fluid on a Mercedes-Benz

For Mercedes-Benz owners, it's recommended to change brake fluid every 20,000 miles or 2 years. If your unsure when the brake fluid was last changed, have one of our technicians inspect it the next time you visit for maintenance. And if you're looking for a reputable place to get a brake fluid flush on your Mercedes-Benz, schedule an appointment at our brake shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Local Brake Service Near Me

Whether you're looking for brake service in Waverly, Malcolm, Syracuse or even Wahoo, if you own a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz, we're just a short trip away and worth the drive. Our service department is staffed with factory-trained mechanics and we offer very competitive prices on Mercedes-Benz brake repair at our shop in Lincoln.

If your vehicle is due for maintenance, take a glimpse at our specials page to see our monthly service coupons. We also offer parts orders on our website if you're looking for OEM Mercedes-Benz brake pads or rotors for sale. Whatever your needs, we've got you covered!


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