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Foul car smells are very irritating, especially when coming from a new car. The foul smell is just an indication of a worn spare or something that needs your attention. The bad smell may be coming from different types of parts in the car. Therefore, you will need to look for a mechanic to go through the vehicle to help identify these smells and then come up with a working solution. The below list has shared some of the most common car odors and the possible causes.

Burned Rubber

The smell of a burned rubber in the car's cabin can be due to several causes. One of the major culprits here is the drive belt. The burning rubber smell may also be resulting from leaking oil and thus the need to involve a mechanic. He will be the best person on the way forward and how soon he can help end the irritating smell.

Burned Carpet

Various problems with the car brakes can cause the smell of a burned carpet. If you use the car brakes extensively, then the smell of a burned carpet may be evident. It comes from overheating brake pads, which is an indication that you may need to bring the car to a mechanic so that the brakes may be replaced.

Gym Clothes

The word gym clothes are also referred to as locker room smell, and the reason for such a smell is the worn AC system. Some mildew can start growing in the air conditioning evaporator and thus the reason for the odor. On this, you are advised to turn off the AC unit and then run the fan to help dry out the system. If this does not work, you may ask a mechanic to help clean out the entire air conditioning system.


The syrup smell is an indication that there is a leaking coolant fluid in the vehicle. You can only notice this kind of smell when your car is running or have just turned it off. This type of leakage may come from various sources, including a radiator hose or a heater. The issue could also be the manifold gasket. Other causes of this leakage are the radiator or the radiator cap.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs can be extremely irritating. No one would be ready for such. Here the culprit is the hydrogen sulfide concentrating in the car's exhaust system. The odor is usually created by tiny amounts of sulfur in the vehicle's gasoline that has not been converted to sulfur dioxide.

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