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At Husker Auto Group, we want car owners to be informed about important aspects of car maintenance. Have you noticed strange sounds coming from your car or truck? Squeals, knocks, and other sounds usually reveal an automotive maintenance problem that needs to be resolved. Here's a look at what some common car sounds could mean.

Squeaky Brakes

Brakes have many working parts. The wear of any parts could cause squeaking or squealing noise when you apply the brakes. You may also hear what sounds like grinding metal. These noises should not be ignored, and your car should be brought in for service right away.

Engine Clicking

Clicking noise from the engine could mean that oil levels are too low. You should check them at the first opportunity. These sounds could indicate damaged or worn valvetrain.

Knocking from Under the Hood

Almost all drivers know that this sound can be an indicator of serious engine issues. The knocking could mean a problem with pistons, valves, or any other major components. This sound needs to be addressed by a service professional.

Engine Squealing

If you are driving an older car, engine squealing could be the result of worn belts. You should check any of the systems that rely on a belt to determine the cause. On a newer car, the serpentine belt could be the reason for the squealing noise.

Engine Rattling

There are numerous issues that can cause a rattling sound from the engine. Problems with overheating, ignition timing, or low octane fuel level can all be responsible. The most common cause of engine rattling is pre-detonation, an issue that causes the engine to ignite too soon.

Here at Husker Auto Group, we make it easy for you to have service performed on your vehicle. Contact us today, and we will arrange a service appointment to determine the cause of any sounds you are hearing


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