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As a vehicle owner, it's a good idea that you know how to spot different things that could be wrong with your vehicle. When your engine overheats, there are some signs that you may be able to spot without the help of a professional. Look out for a temperature gauge that reads at a high temperature, or the top of your hood might feel very hot if you touch it. If you suspect that anything is going on with your vehicle, you must schedule an appointment with our service center to have everything checked out.

Why We Check Your Cooling System

Your cooling system is designed to regulate the temperature of your engine compartment. Heat and pressure are inevitably going to be generated as you drive. A fluid called coolant will help absorb this heat, and it will bring temperatures back down. If your engine has been overheating, there are many interior components that we will inspect.

Water Pump Functions

As coolant is running through your engine, a water pump will be utilized to push coolant throughout other areas of your cooling system, such as your radiator. If issues are occurring with your water pump, there could be rust or corrosion that is interfering with the pump's integrity.


It would help if you had a functioning radiator in your car to allow heat from your engine to radiate out into the atmosphere. Some fans will enable move air around, and various connections must be secured to keep everything running smoothly.

Thermostat Cooling

The coolant in your vehicle needs to remain at a specific level for everything to function, but there are components inside of your thermostat that helps control this process. For example, a valve will open and close as needed to keep the coolant doing its job. We've seen this valve become damaged or not open/close properly. This leads to overheating.

Hoses and Belts

You need all of your belts and hoses in your cooling system to run smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, these are parts that often require service.

If you've noticed that something isn't right with your vehicle's cooling system, contact Husker Mercedes for assistance. We know that you've made a significant investment in your new automobile, and we want to make sure that you don't incur expensive damage because of a cooling system that isn't working the right way.


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